How to Build Your Podcast Audience

How to Build Your Podcast Audience

Sercan Solmaz

Published on Jul 21, 2021

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Now it’s time to start building your audience and when it comes to podcast marketing, there are many ways of quickly generating traffic so you can build your following.

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The key is to remain consistent with both your marketing efforts as well as creating new content. Every episode will go the distance in helping you maximize exposure.

Here are some of our best strategies to help you get started:

Optimize for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Optimizing your podcast for the search engines is one of the easiest ways to reach potential audience who may be looking for content like yours.

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Focus on optimizing your title first. You’ll want to incorporate relevant keywords that pertain to your podcast so your audience can easily find you.

You’ll also want to optimize the description and show notes fields by including additional keywords that will help you rank in the search engines. Be sure your title and description accurately indicate what your podcast is going to be about.

Focus on High Quality Content

You should always focus on creating the highest quality content possible for every episode. After all, you’re showcasing your talent and you want every release to “hook” a viewer and persuade them want to consume more of your content.

A quality podcast has these 3 common qualities: it’s valuable to the listener, it’s unique, and it captures and sustains the listener’s attention.

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Pay attention to podcasts in your niche. Study their format, con- tent, style and structure. Think about how you can incorporate some of the stand-out ideas into your own podcast and improve upon the subject matter or offer a different perspective.

The best long-term strategy for promoting your podcast is by simply providing value. Nothing will come close to driving targeted traffic and converting visitors into loyal listeners than by offering exceptional content that is unique to your brand.

Encourage your viewers to participate.

Ask your audience for comments and then use those comments and suggestions for future podcasts.

Try creating a podcast where you answer audience questions or create a podcast based on comment suggestions.

Aim for your audience to become subscribers.

Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel so they are notified whenever you create a new podcast.

The ratio of subscribers to casual downloaders does matter: pod- cast platforms consider your podcast to be more valuable when you have a lot of subscribers. And that means your podcast will move up in the ratings.

Create a Dedicated Landing Page.

By giving your podcast a dedicated landing page you’re able to cu- rate all your content in one place while encouraging visitors to subscribe to your podcast.

It’s simply easier to market your podcast if you can direct all your traffic to one spot. You can use a resource like WordPress to create a blog dedicated to your podcast where you can turn each episode into its own blog post.

If creating a traditional landing page rather than a blog, make sure you use a clear and direct “call to action” asking viewers to sub- scribe to your podcast. Use blog content, social media announcements and newsletters to link back to this landing page.

Your goal is to spread the word quickly and direct potential subscribers to your podcasts from as many platforms as possible.

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